Version 0 is a digital twin of the underground S-Bahn Station Marktplatz in Offenbach am Main. This station served as Output station for generating a further six stations. The task here for the participants was:
"Wait for the next train on track 1 towards Wiesbaden in area B." 
How do participants of the study find their way to the platform?

Position tracking in VR generated maps with walking paths of study participants. These superimposed maps showed the most frequented areas of the S-Bahn station.
So-called HMD data (Head-Monted Display-Datas) can be collected in VR. The three-dimensional simulations of the objects in the station collect information about how long and how often they are viewed. This creates attention hierarchies. These are displayed in a bar chart. In a spider diagram the frequency of viewing the objects is compared to their quantitative occurrence at the station.
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